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Could This Mean an End to Cataract Surgery?

In February 2004, three people with varying degrees of cataracts, agreed to go onto UK  National TV to test the efficiency of Carnosine eye drops as a safe and natural alternative to cataract surgery. Within just six weeks, all three patients had positive results...

As you can imagine, a mainstream UK National TV company would not entertain going live with such a test unless they knew for fact, that the eye drops were 100% safe to use in every way. Following the safety analysis of Ethos Carnosine Eye Drops by a leading BUPA surgeon, a six month trial period was agreed and set.


Daily Mail
"Eye Drops that Melt away Cataracts"
Richard and Judy Show
Live Trials On UK TV
Daily Mirror
"My Husband had a bad reaction to his cataract operation due to sensitive eyes"

Dog World
"Not only is it safe for humans, but animals too!"

To supplement the video footage of UK's Channel 4 TV Chat Show, above are the incredible articles covered by the UK's National tabloid newspapers; The Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror.

Read these astonishing reports, the saving of the sight of a 79 year-old woman who had endured two very large cataracts for a number of years and confirmation by the 'Mirror' of the "eye-drop" treatment indicating an almost 100% success rate over a three to six month period, just amazing.

Carnosine eye drops are just as effective in animals as well as humans; Read Jane Lilley's article in Dog World, be embraced by the love of an owner for her dog whose impaired vision dramatically improved within three days of starting treatment.

Clinical Trials and Success

One of the clinical trials carried out in China, on 96 patients with cataracts of varying degrees of severity, showed a profound effect; with the effective rate being 100% on primary senile cataract and 80% for mature senile cataract over the 6 month trial period. Positive effects were also observed with other types of cataract. Another trial indicated an eye condition improvement of 41.5% to 100% for patients within a 6-month period, with sustainable results 24-months later.

A single box of ethosVision Carnosine Nutrition Eye Drops costs £38.00 and contains 2 x 5ml bottles which is roughly a month's supply when using two drops a day in each eye. With the majority of people seeing positive results over a 3-6 month period. It is an inexpensive course of treatment when you consider that a cataract operation can cost over £1000 for one eye, there are NO risks or trauma of surgery taking the drops, and if you buy three boxes or more we offer a full money back guarantee**.

**Guarantee is subject to ophthalmologist testing before and after 3 month course of drops.

Ethos Aid


ethos Carnosine Eye Drops with 1% N-Acetyl-Carnosine

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