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Help to Protect Your Vision For Less Than £2.50 An Eye !!

The EthosVision Look Away Mouse Pad serves as a reminder to you, your family, friends and work colleagues to develop the very important habit of looking away from the PC screen.

There is a simple way you can eliminate near point eye stress associated with reading, watching television, and computer use. This simple, yet highly effective rule, could save your eyesight from serious deterioration.

Every time you are performing close vision work for over 10 consecutive minutes, you should look away and focus on something that is at least 10 feet away for at least 10 seconds - 10 -10 - 10...

Incorporate this technique into everything you do up close. This will allow your internal ciliary muscle to expand for a few seconds and relieve the 'Near-Point Stress'. This technique along with a few more simple ones just like it, could help to save your vision for years to come!

Ethos Aid


Ethos: The characteristic spirit and attitude of a community \\// Vision: Sight - insight - dream - imagination

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