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In Britain, millions of bikes are thrown away or lie unused in sheds, whilst many people in Africa have no access to transport of any kind. Walking can take up-to 4 hours per day (collecting water, or walking to school). The burden can cripple a family, hampering work and education opportunities. A bicycle cuts travel time to a fraction, even carrying passengers and heavy loads. Bikes give families the extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life.

Transport and development go hand-in-hand. Virtually everything traded, must be transported, and almost everyone needs wheels to get to work or school. Simple, affordable transport generates wealth in developing countries, as well as saving lots of time and back-breaking work.

Re~Cycle's mission is to collect secondhand bicycles and ship them to Africa. Our partners distribute bikes and teach riders the skills to repair and maintain them. Our bikes also help health/AIDS workers reach remote villages and even provide an ambulance service in remote Namibia.

Re~Cycle has shipped its 30,000th bike this week!

Re~Cycle has shipped its 30,000th bike this week! It went to a new project in Zambia called the Kaloko Trust. The Kaloko Trust has a volunteer who is going out for three months to train bicycle mechanics and set up two workshops.

Bike number 30,000 was donated by Trevor Moles of Colchester. It belonged to his wife's auntie, who sadly broke her hip and is no longer able to ride but wanted her bike to be given to someone in Africa.

You can find photos and information about this particular bike and its story on the home page

Taking Old Bikes to New Territory - Charity Reg. No. 1063570

Target to donate 30,000 bikes reached!
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